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I found these books The 52 lists project by Moorea seal that you can journal in but I love them so much, I use them to be a master copy of prompts to help me journal. I also bought her book 52 lists for happiness, I bought them off of Amazon. I have started journaling again as I need to sort out my life! I get to a place where I have so much going on that I end up burning myself out and getting ill.

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I started thinking about looking at getting a pension as I am 50 next year and after my divorce I have not been able to save. I thought this is a perfect time to cut back and start looking to the future. But as I was doing this it made me realize that I/we as people don’t invest as much as we should in ourselves. We put all this money away for a rainy day (just in case) but what do we put away just in case we need something to get us thought gruelling time in our lives. We look at others for validation and want our lives to be like other people instead of making it our own!

We need to sometimes examine the things, we feel good about to understand how we can change the bad things. Most of the time the bad things are happening because we let them. Of course, some bad things happen because they are out of our control, this was one of my bad things that kept happening to me. But I had to let go of the negative and look to how I could solve the problem instead of worrying about it.


As the saying goes “They is always a silver lining” It’s in most cases, we don’t see it or don’t want to see it. So how do you see the silver lining you ask? Well, write a list of all the good things that happened today? Then a list of the bad things that you feel happened to you? I bet as you first start, the bad list will be longer that the good. This is because you have not yet accepted that it’s not that bad, we just think it is! Just breath and relax! Think of something that makes you happy every time something bad happens and focus on that for a few minutes. Now because you are calm, your emotions won’t let you spiral down, instead you look at the problem with a clear head. Remember we are human and we get things wrong sometimes!

If you found this post helpful, please think about journaling? It helped me as I suffered from depression, anxiety and stress and it helped me find me again. But most of all my passion for writing! It may surprise you in what you might find out about yourself!

Happy Journaling, Relax and keep calm x

Pictures are from the Moorea seal website

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I love a good bargain and most of my planners have been bought of sale. I look around on the internet at some different sites. I have ordered from these sites and have not had any problems. I make  my own dividers from scrapbooking card and laminate them. These are a few things I have my eye on!


I always have a look at Filofax and stationary on this site. It’s a Filofax Original A5 Organiser Patent Purple Leather Was £80 now £40.


Craftie Charlie

Is a scrapbooking site for all your crafty needs, I like their clearance section  and they have a good amount of different brands.


Hey Little Magpie

Is another scrapbooking site I really like. They do a clearance paper pack set ( but at the moment it’s out of stock}. I like their planner section.