What Kind of Planner are you?




DOCUMENTER – Journaling Cards

By recording and writing down useful information for a later date.

Normal traits (Likes Organizing)


STATIONER Likes Anything That Is Pretty & Sparkles

Someone who likes colour! Loves pretty things to help them plan & be creative.

Normal traits (Buys Stationary Usually Stickers).


SCRAPBOOKER – Likes Pretty Cardstock

Someone who keeps family history and memorabilia, likes organizing. Has lots of ideas and is creative at planning.

Normal Traits (Buys storage for keeping all their items easy to access)


Journalier (French for Daily) – Loves to write and write

Keeps records of daily ideas and events. Uses bullet points and knows their day to day plan.

Normal Traits (Buys notebooks and pens, more is never enough)


Planner – Loves planners

Someone who likes to write down their lists and what to do on a certain date.

Normal traits (Has more than one planner and buys a bit of everything)


If you see a bit of each of these in your planning


Planner Addict – Someone who loves stationary

They love using lists, buy more stationary than needed.

Normal Traits (They love a stationary sale!)


This person needs to join a planner group! So others can help them and comfort them, when they have bought to many planning items!



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