Invest in yourself: Read, Write & Learn

I am going to start posting some posts about journaling and this is a great time to start thinking about what you want for 2018!

Just because you are no longer in school (which most people disliked as a child) as an adult is the perfect time to invest some time to help you, for a better future! I love reading and researching for different ideas for my writing but also it’s great for myself to have a hobbie that keeps my mind active.

1. reading list

I think everyone should read young or old, as I feel it’s a great way to relax (don’t forget a drink). Write a list of books you would like to read preferably ones you haven’t read before.

2. Make it like a study session

What was the pros and cons of the book, what was the author trying to convey to the reader. In paragraph write a summary of the book in your own words.

3. Writing & reading

When you read something your brain understands the concept of what you read, when you write and take notes your brain understands


New Stationary

I received some beautiful stationary for Christmas and decided to buy a few more items from the Decelerate collection online this week. I bought it from@LoveWilko, I have been laid up as due to illness, so it was really nice to get something to cheer myself up!

I received scrapbook (far left) and grey and gold binder (back right) and the Make it happen planner for Christmas. I bought an A4 Gold and marble notebook, Health and Happiness planner and the A5 project book. I also ordered a shopping list to go into the Make it Happen Planner.


It comes with planner pages and dividers inside. The paper inside is ok with a normal pen but with rollerball it can shadow on the back of the page. It says it is A5 but is not the same size as my Filofax A5, Height is 22cm and width is 15cm. Same height as a A5 but does not fit the width as the paper is to wide, I would say it’s a larger filofax personal planner.

I’m using this for everyday planning for items to remind me what I need to do, a bit of everything planner. Dates, housework, menu and a shopping list, to do list, bills and budget.

It has weekly goal sheets, a weekly planner (to me is more a monthly calendar), lists section, notes, budget tracker. I love the design and comes everywhere around the house with and for £5 a great little bargain!

I bought the project notebook to go with this planner as I have some home crafts and decorating things to do, so I thought I could write out a little more detail about my project. Things I’ m looking to buy, charity shop/thrift shopping list.

The white and marble A4 notebook has lined Kraft paper inside. I am not sure what I am going to use this use this for yet but do have a lot of ideas for my bedroom so might use it for all my notes.

I am using the binder for all my beauty and fashion ideas, shopping lists, wish lists. I make collages new items I want for my wardrobe and accessories, items, I want for the new season. I like to have a capsule wardrobe and more accessories. I look at designer handbags and look for dupes on the high street. I have all my beauty routine as I have been having a lot of problems with certain products due to early menopause and doing a lot of research into natural products.

I am trying to be healthy this year not just in fitness but in my mind and spirit! I was to start journaling again about the things I want to achieve this year! I thought that this notebook would be great for planning out my ideas and goals. I sometimes over think things instead of just going for something I want. Health is also a major concern for me at the moment and noticed I get quite down, so have everything written down helps me be more focused on the good instead of the bad.

Positive writing can give you a better outlook as we are all busy with family and life. Having had issues in the past makes me realize, we all cannot be perfect and not everything and be done in one day! But seeing what you are achieving, instead of dwelling on what your not has a more powerful outlook to your life.

Happy planning!





bring (something) into existence


fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative:


successfully bring about or reach (a desired objective or result) by effort, skill, or courage:

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I found these books The 52 lists project by Moorea seal that you can journal in but I love them so much, I use them to be a master copy of prompts to help me journal. I also bought her book 52 lists for happiness, I bought them off of Amazon. I have started journaling again as I need to sort out my life! I get to a place where I have so much going on that I end up burning myself out and getting ill.

the 52 list project book cover

I started thinking about looking at getting a pension as I am 50 next year and after my divorce I have not been able to save. I thought this is a perfect time to cut back and start looking to the future. But as I was doing this it made me realize that I/we as people don’t invest as much as we should in ourselves. We put all this money away for a rainy day (just in case) but what do we put away just in case we need something to get us thought gruelling time in our lives. We look at others for validation and want our lives to be like other people instead of making it our own!

We need to sometimes examine the things, we feel good about to understand how we can change the bad things. Most of the time the bad things are happening because we let them. Of course, some bad things happen because they are out of our control, this was one of my bad things that kept happening to me. But I had to let go of the negative and look to how I could solve the problem instead of worrying about it.


As the saying goes “They is always a silver lining” It’s in most cases, we don’t see it or don’t want to see it. So how do you see the silver lining you ask? Well, write a list of all the good things that happened today? Then a list of the bad things that you feel happened to you? I bet as you first start, the bad list will be longer that the good. This is because you have not yet accepted that it’s not that bad, we just think it is! Just breath and relax! Think of something that makes you happy every time something bad happens and focus on that for a few minutes. Now because you are calm, your emotions won’t let you spiral down, instead you look at the problem with a clear head. Remember we are human and we get things wrong sometimes!

If you found this post helpful, please think about journaling? It helped me as I suffered from depression, anxiety and stress and it helped me find me again. But most of all my passion for writing! It may surprise you in what you might find out about yourself!

Happy Journaling, Relax and keep calm x

Pictures are from the Moorea seal website



What Kind of Planner are you?




DOCUMENTER – Journaling Cards

By recording and writing down useful information for a later date.

Normal traits (Likes Organizing)


STATIONER Likes Anything That Is Pretty & Sparkles

Someone who likes colour! Loves pretty things to help them plan & be creative.

Normal traits (Buys Stationary Usually Stickers).


SCRAPBOOKER – Likes Pretty Cardstock

Someone who keeps family history and memorabilia, likes organizing. Has lots of ideas and is creative at planning.

Normal Traits (Buys storage for keeping all their items easy to access)


Journalier (French for Daily) – Loves to write and write

Keeps records of daily ideas and events. Uses bullet points and knows their day to day plan.

Normal Traits (Buys notebooks and pens, more is never enough)


Planner – Loves planners

Someone who likes to write down their lists and what to do on a certain date.

Normal traits (Has more than one planner and buys a bit of everything)


If you see a bit of each of these in your planning


Planner Addict – Someone who loves stationary

They love using lists, buy more stationary than needed.

Normal Traits (They love a stationary sale!)


This person needs to join a planner group! So others can help them and comfort them, when they have bought to many planning items!


Filofax, Planning

Craft Sales

I love a good bargain and most of my planners have been bought of sale. I look around on the internet at some different sites. I have ordered from these sites and have not had any problems. I make  my own dividers from scrapbooking card and laminate them. These are a few things I have my eye on!


I always have a look at Filofax and stationary on this site. It’s a Filofax Original A5 Organiser Patent Purple Leather Was £80 now £40.



Craftie Charlie

Is a scrapbooking site for all your crafty needs, I like their clearance section  and they have a good amount of different brands.



Hey Little Magpie

Is another scrapbooking site I really like. They do a clearance paper pack set ( but at the moment it’s out of stock}. I like their planner section.



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An Organized Space

I was on eBay UK sometime ago and found this amazing desk! I wanted something that was not to big for my space available and also something that could help me be a bit more organized in this area. I have confessed many times (as a would be writer) but I’m also a planner girl, like making my own stationery items for my planners and crafts. So storage was a must and the shelves help me arrange my most needed items close by so I can have some space to work on the desk.

computer desk with shelves


  I love this wall organization from Pottery Barn!


This is a great idea! I would set it up, a little different and instead of 2 monthly calendars :

A whiteboard (for a today list of important items on my to do list)

I would have the letter rack lower (top Left) and have a post coming in and letters that needed posting (to remind myself as I do not post many items now)

I like the pin-board(top left) a you could use this for invitations and special items you would to display.


Writing bureau with a drop leaf

I am going to upcycle my bureau, I have bought some new knobs with letters on them.

S =Stationary, M=Mail, & (x 2), J= Junk and Spelt Cabinet with a k as it is our surname to add a little personal touch.  I will post a picture of the finished Bureau. (My youngest son pointed out it’s also our initials for our names)

Make your office area, your own with things you love, don’t forget personal style but most of all storage for all your office needs. If you need some inspiration, remember Pinterest for some ideas.

Have a great day organizing!



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Paper, Book & Inkwell

This Blog is for all my love of planning! I can’t do without my planners, I have many sizes and brands. I have #Filofax, #WebsterPages,#Paperchase and a few more. I love being organized with my planners and binders. I have a few #HappyPlanners I made into planners for certain things, I want to keep track of a Household Planner, Beauty Planner and a #HappyPlanner  for using when I am researching and shopping on the internet. The problem with me is I want to be a writer and us writers (well me!) I like paper & pens! My stationery and craft supplies were everywhere until I organized into binders and storage boxes. I put information into my #Happy planners, #Filofaxes, I feel so less stressed! I know many like to have everything in one place but for me, it works better to have things separate.  I still need to sort out my filing cabinet but as I am reorganizing my bedroom at the moment.

I was going to start decorating but when I thought about it, my bedroom is so disorganized and wanted everything in its place. I will start decorating next spring, I’m doing everything on a budget.  I have been sorting things out and instead of buying new, I have been doing crafts, I covered these boxes. I have Still got a lot to do but I am getting there? The next thing I want to do is sort out getting some #Elfashelving which will be the main spend for me, I found a great desk off of #Ebay I will share that in my next post. So when doing anything like this plan! It can save you money and you can get crafty too. Happy Planning!


Box after
Box Before
Wrapping paper use #Paperchase